Comprehensive Financial Planning

Wealth Folio’s Comprehensive Financial Planning is the act of  prudently addressing life events. It addresses everything from buying a new car or home, to planning for a child’s education, preparing for eventual retirement or creating a plan for your estate. But it goes well beyond these basic life events. It addresses the planning part of all major financial transaction which have a bearing on long-term finances, cash flows and asset creation. While the financial goals are met at different time periods, the associated liability and risk to life and assets are to be adequately covered with tax efficiency of financial transactions.

A Wealth Folio Financial Planner offers customized advice to help his/her client to  meet their goals and objectives.

Financial Planning Process:

Step 1: Personal profiling

Step 2: Risk Profiling

Step 3: Understanding needs , responsibilities, goals, current asset allocation and risk management already done.

Step 4: Portfolio Analysis

Step 5 : Financial plan Recommendation

Step 6 : Financial Plan Implementation

Step 7: Review Financial Plan